Use of Color EP

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Every piece of music is as much about telling a story as it is about evoking emotion.

This is something I experienced at a very young age; as my dad played soundtracks I would be taken by the story evoked with music. Growing up I developed my wish to create stories, worlds even, of my own. A dream which I pursued when I started writing music for games at the age of 19 after mentoring with Frank Klepacki. Early PCs had been a big part of our household and videogames and their music quickly captured my imagination.

In recent years I have been fortunate to work on incredible projects allowing me to tell their stories through music. My work can be heard in titles such as Honor of Kings (Tencent), World of Warplanes (Wargaming) and the best selling VR game Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games / Jaywalkers Interactive).

  • @unpluggedvr is out now on @oculus Quest! (Featuring @tenaciousd and @steelpanther amongst others). Had a blast working on this with the Anotherway team. Go check it out and play some tunes!
  • So that was my 3rd and last (I think!) viewing. I’ll long remember seeing this in cinema and it ranks among my most impactful movie experiences. To all involved; thanks for bringing us such an incredible cinematic experience and thanks for giving life to my favorite book 🙏
  • After 1 hour of setting up and learning the rules we’re ready to play 😅 My 8 year old is very much into Civ, really awesome to be playing this together 🙂
  • Real Sundays.
  • Nearing a wrap on a multitude of projects. Excited to share more very soon. For now, early weekend 🙂
  • Really excited about the cool games I got to work on this summer. Looking forward to get them in the hands of players! Enjoy the weekend!
  • Word is out! I’m teaming up with @gamediagames working on their upcoming brawler Spider Tanks. More soon!
  • Today! I’ve not been this excited about seeing a movie for some time. (Re-)read the first 6 books and totally ready for it. Congrats to all involved as this is going to be an unique experience for sure. Ya hya chouhada!
  • 😍 Few more days! #hype #dune #spicemustflow #shaihulud #villeneuve
  • This has been a good week. Productive and a lot of cool stuff happening. Enjoy the #weekend !
  • Finally! This one has been on the list for a while. One of my favorites. Re-pressings FTW.
  • Sunday morning fun. There is no end to the memories whenever I power up these old consoles. And now a new generation is making these memories too 🙂
  • This dropped when I thought the hypetrain couldn’t speed up more. Might be a bold statement but I feel this is the best work @hanszimmer has done so far. Now for another listen!
  • Excited to share I’ve been working with the @unpluggedvr team on this crazy fun title! #Repost @vertigogames with @get.repost ・・・ *Repost from @unpluggedvr Let’s give it up for the new key art and logo of #UnpluggedVR! Show them some love!💜 It’s time to rock! 🤟 . . . . . . #VertigoGames #VRgame #VRgames #VRgaming #VRgamer #VRgamers #VRgameplay #VRplay #VRrhythmGame #GameVR #VirtualRealityGaming #VirtualRealityGame #VirtualRealityGames #VRfun #OculusQuest #QuestGames #OculusVR #OculusQuest2 #OculusQuestVR #OculusGaming #OculusGames #PCVR #RhythmGames #RhythmGame #RhythmGamer #VRMusicGame
  • The team at @edurino_de is creating a really cool digital learning platform for kids. Recently I got to write some music for their first release - go check it out!
  • Final push. Powered by @vertigogames - thanks!