Use of Color EP

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After the Fall
Spider Tanks
Unplugged VR
Terraria: Otherworld
Honor of Kings
Arena of Valor

Arizona Sunshine
World of Warplanes
Star Citizen
Warcommander: Rogue Assault
Tricky Towers

Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online
Heaven’s Hope
Rogue Stormers
Drakensang: Perils of Time
Shards of War
The Settlers Online

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Kick & Fennick
Sony Eyepet Move Edition
Adam’s Venture Trilogy
Fairytale Fights



Every piece of music is as much about telling a story as it is about evoking emotion.

This is something I experienced at a very young age; as my dad played soundtracks I would be taken by the story evoked with music. Growing up I developed my wish to create stories, worlds even, of my own. A dream which I pursued when I started writing music for games at the age of 19 after mentoring with Frank Klepacki. Early PCs had been a big part of our household and videogames and their music quickly captured my imagination.

In recent years I have been fortunate to work on incredible projects allowing me to tell their stories through music. My work can be heard in titles such as Honor of Kings (Tencent), World of Warplanes (Wargaming) and the best selling VR game Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games / Jaywalkers Interactive).

  • NO. This is a horrible month. Another legendary musician gone 🙁 Thank you for the wonderful music and inspiration, Andy.
  • This show is really punching where it hurts. Both scared and anxious for that second part of the final season - it’s going to be brutal. Also, Dave Porter is killing it again!!
  • Latest addition! 🤖 #daftpunk #vinyl #record #tuesday #newmusic #randomaccessmemories
  • Enjoy the weekend! With @gunshipmusic #weekend #saturday #vinyl #record
  • Vangelis. The man and his music were my first contact with electronic music and synthesizers at an early age. His work continued to inspire me ever since that moment. What a legend - truly one of the greatest.
  • @textexpress is a fun text puzzle adventure created by Story Giant Games. Excited to share I’ve written music for this one! #textexpress #puzzle #wordgame #casual #story #storygiant
  • (SOUND ON) Nothing beats a groove while slaying the undead. Any highscores in @afterthefallvr Horde Mode?
  • (SOUND ON) #afterthefall #vr #synth #game #music #soundtrack
  • (SOUND ON) The 'Shock & Awe' content for the @afterthefallvr Frontrunner Season is here! This season has been a blast and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.
  • Loving it! Initial bootup was a bit intimidating (my DAW looks less complicated!) but after a few hours things fall into place. Looking forward to quite a few more hours into this 🙂 #dune #spicewars #4x #rts
  • My kind of Orange! #kingsday #netherlands #wednesday #studio #gear #orange
  • Wrapping mixing today for something cool. More info in a few weeks. Also: Friday! #game #scoring #studio #composer #friday #almostweekend
  • These days I rarely buy soundtracks anymore (I used to have a massive collection), but Dune is the exception to the rule. Also ordered the ‘regular’ soundtrack edition on LP. As a Dune geek I had to have both editions 😅 #dune #mondo #zimmer
  • Physical releases are extra special. Great to see this is now available in US stores! #afterthefall #vr #playstation #psvr
  • Battery died on the old JV. Project for this week to try and replace it. Special device this one - used by Frank Klepacki on all C&C games! #studio #gear #monday #roland
  • Close to the weekend. Have a productive one everyone! #studio #game #soundtrack #score #gear #composer #arp #synth #friday #weekend