Use of Color EP

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Arizona Sunshine II
The 7th Guest VR
After the Fall
Terraria: Otherworld
Honor of Kings
Arena of Valor

Spider Tanks
Unplugged VR
Arizona Sunshine
World of Warplanes
Star Citizen
Tricky Towers

Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online
Heaven’s Hope
Rogue Stormers
Drakensang: Perils of Time
Shards of War
The Settlers Online
Warcommander: Rogue Assault

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Kick & Fennick
Sony Eyepet Move Edition
Adam’s Venture Trilogy
Fairytale Fights



Every piece of music is as much about telling a story as it is about evoking emotion.

This is something I experienced at a very young age; as my dad played soundtracks I would be taken by the story evoked with music. Growing up I developed my wish to create stories, worlds even, of my own. A dream which I pursued when I started writing music for games at the age of 19 after mentoring with Frank Klepacki. Early PCs had been a big part of our household and videogames and their music quickly captured my imagination.

In recent years I have been fortunate to work on incredible projects allowing me to tell their stories through music. My work can be heard in titles such as Honor of Kings (Tencent), World of Warplanes (Wargaming) and the best selling VR game Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games / Jaywalkers Interactive).

  • Congrats @briantylermusic on this release! I truly love this movie and hope we get a lot more videogame adaptations of this quality level. And yeah what a killer score by mr Tyler 🙂
  • Fun challenge on Twitter - me at the start of my career (2004) and now (2023). I had a good laugh 😅
  • #arizonasunshine2
  • Little preview to get the hype started 😁 #vr #arizonasunshine #meta #playstation
  • As the work pressure slowly is ramping down, I’m having a taste of what often is referred to as ‘spare time’. Good to wind down a bit with a few more weeks of craziness ahead! #vinyl #music #strangerthings #fatboyslim #righthererightnow
  • Listen to some of the music I wrote for @the7thguestvr in this new gameplay video! #the7thguest #vr #game #soundtrack
  • Working on the soundtrack mixes and arrangements to @cassiopeiadevelopments Sym.Bios. Nice collection of synth heavy tracks! #game #score #soundtrack #electronic #synth #synthwave #darkwave #ost
  • Preview of the cover. Still making minor changes. Can’t wait to get this out in the wild 🙂 #ambient #piano #newmusic #experimental #useofcolor
  • YES. Finally this is moving forward. Coming week I’ll be sending out final mixes for mastering. Use Of Color is coming in 2023. Little preview of the (near) final cover 🙂 #ambient #piano #album #newreleases #comingsoon
  • We have a date! #7thguest #gamescom #vr
  • I got to talk a bit about the music approach for Vertigo Games upcoming @the7thguestvr #the7thguest #vr #playstation #meta #pcvr
  • Couldn’t pass on this. Congrats @sonicmayhem_official on this finally happening. This is an iconic score and this treatment is long overdue 🙂
  • Had a great time away from work for a bit. Cleared my head for the second half of this year and ready to charge right at it! Exciting things happening, but it’ll be a while until I can share more. Hope you all have a great summer! #composerbreak #holiday #summer #recharge #outdoorvideogames
  • Great to finally meet up in person with @sky_soleil1977 after all these years. The voice behind @arizonasunshinevr amongst others. This man rocks! #arizonasunshine #vr #game #vertigo #vo #fred
  • This album holds one of the electronic tracks most dear to me. To the Unknown man is a special track from my childhood that instantly transports me back again. Very effective and emotional melodic writing - the type of material Vangelis was so incredibly talented at. One of the greatest. #vangelis #synthesizer #electronic #music #record #vinyl #collector #spiral
  • One of the albums that sparked my love for synthesizers and electronic music. Super cool to now own it on vinyl! #jeanmicheljarre #vinyl #record #collector